Gilt Review

by Karen Sheets

Like their cohorts Chemlab and Sister Machine Gun, Machines of Loving Grace fail to find intensity in their fusion of post-industrial and hard rock.

Gilt's songs are the typical semi-quiet verses and loud thrashing choruses. The guitars and bass have an overweight sound, like a fat, surly and stupid man stomping on lady bugs just for spite.

"Solar Temple" breaks its legs and tears its black spandex on the way to the hard-core show, when a half a minute of good techno rhythms are forsaken for whispered vocals crushed under Metallica-esque guitars.

Sampling "Einsturzende Neubauten," the seminal German noise-art outfit, is the best move Machines of Loving Grace made toward a sonically interesting album, but as Scott Benzel sings on "Casual Users:" "We were casual users/ We were young and stupid/ We never crossed over that line"

-Karen Sheets