Children of Sores 4.0 is Now Live!

Well here we are 11 years after the last redesign, 2 years after the Geocities demise and now ready to rock out with an updated website up to date with a lot of cool web 2.0 features. I hope you all enjoy your visit here and hope you come back many more times to come. I will update this site as often as I can, and even though the band is broken, I will post when available any related news. Please email me at if you have any news to report. Till the next update, enjoy the site.



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Children of Sores is the only unofficial source for everything Machines of Loving Grace. Born in 1998, the site has return for a completely redesigned and reimagined version 4.0 iteration and first appearance on the web since the demise of its heyday.

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  1. TheManWithRain says:

    I’m very glad to see this site live!
    Thank you for your work

  2. Thank you! Please feel free to engage in our forums as well. So far no one has participated, but am hoping more engage with one another.

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